Women Of Purpose

Women of Purpose is a women's ministry aimed at bringing women together to uplift and support one another while keeping God at the center of it all. Through Bible based study & teachings, prayer, support, and events women are able to discover their identity in Christ, align their lives according to their God given purpose, and be delivered from bondage.

God's Purpose Kidz

God's Purpose Kidz is a children's ministry where children are taught the foundations of the Word of God through various means. Children learn about God and the Bible with scripture reading & memorization, games and activities, and of course prayer. Children are encouraged to express their thoughts and ask questions on such topics as creation, fears, and Christian life.


Our outreach ministry is a ministry dedicated to evangelism, prayer, and meeting the people where they are. At Living Purpose Ministries we believe that "action" is required to help lead others to Christ and we must do so within and outside the four walls of the church.


Living Purpose Ministries has a heart for the homeless and the poor. Throughout the year, activities & events are scheduled to help those most in need. It is our prayer that they will know they are not forgotten and greatly loved.